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We Care.

The team behind SmallURL cares! Got issues with our service? Feature requests? Contact us and we'll be willing to look into it!

Features! Everywhere!.

SmallURL isn't just your average URL shortener, there's loads of features in place to make us unique, and allow you to do more!

Advanced URLs

We have various different types of URLS, from just a normal redirect, to location based (good for music labels!) and even platform based URLs

In-Depth Statistics

Where do your customers come from? where are they located? Questions that our statistics can answer.

Thoughts and Mentions!

"Users all around the world?
Redirect them based on location!

Luke Thompson

Web Developer
0 100k

SmallURL Goals!

Considering we've hit some amazing goals recently, it's time for a SURL giveaway! To enter all you need to do is drop a ticket into The Support Area with.. why you're awesome? sure. What are we giving away? Either £10 in iTunes or Google Play Winners will be announced when we hit 100k!

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